General Service

Is your laptop shutting down frequently? Are you experiencing restarting problems in your laptop? So do not panic and be confident to choose the right service provider by calling us to get the best solution for your laptop. We can fix regular laptop issues like: laptop heating, laptop automatic shutdown, Laptop restarting, Laptop Slow Down.

Laptop Broken

Is your laptop display not working or Laptop Screen got broken? Reach us if your Laptop LCD /LED screen is broken or monitor gets dim automatically. We will replace your damaged or broken Notebook display with original spare parts within 1 hour.

Software Problems

If you are getting error messages while installing software? Don’t panic, we provide expert service for software issues. We repair any kind of software problems like driver’s software, internet access software’s, audio, video, music software’s, virus, communication software’s, and much more.

MotherBoard Problems

If the motherboard in your laptop fails, and it is a machine that is worth keeping, you can obtainreplacement parts and maybe even upgrade the Laptop .Also providing component level repairing services to all brands of Laptop mother boards by our expert engineers

Ram Problems

Are you planning to upgrade your memory and looking for a trustworthy hardware service provider for the same? We are one of the Chennai's No 1 Laptop Repair Center and one stop shop to fulfill your any type of requirement of repairing service for Laptop or computer.

Panel Problems

Getting irritated with your laptop panel? having difficulties with your laptop panel related issues is a common problem for all laptop users just click on our website or call our customer support team to get the best out of your notebook.

Keypad Problems

Get your laptop keyboard issues resolved. We render quick and quality service. Quick Fix for Laptop Keyboard issues, Like Water Spilt, Liquid Damage, Laptop Keyboard Keys not working, within 1 Hour. We use 100% Original Apple MacBook Keyboard, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony Vaio Laptop Keyboards at Low Prices.

Battery Problems

Facing power off problems due to short battery life? We at laptop repair world replace your laptop battery instead of buying a new one. We provide 100% money back guarantee to our service. We have a specialized technicians to solve your laptop and notepad laptop battery not charging issues for all brands.

Hard Disk Problems

Having problems with your laptop? Your system hard disk fails to response then, do not panic we provide you the best quality service to get the best out of your laptop. We provide attractive discounts on servicing for all leading brands of laptops. so be quick to fix hard disk issues by contacting our customers service centre.

Virus Problems

Getting all those annoying pop-ups when browsing the web? Is your computer or laptop getting slower by the day? Are you getting unusual errors or having trouble using everyday programs? you need antivirus installation we will repair or install antivirus problems for your laptop within minutes.

Web Camera

Are you tired of facing web camera problem in your laptop? Do you wish to make it as good as new? Our site offers you the best of all laptop repairing solutions.

Speaker Issue

Facing trouble with your notebook or laptop speakers? Is the sound not clear enough? Visit Us. We are the most affordable, fast and reliable service. We provide fast delivery and quick repair which is not heavy on your pocket that’s a guarantee. Laptop Speakers Replacement done in less than 1 hour time

Cooler Issue

Laptop Heat sink and Laptop cooling fan are the two most essential components that protect your laptop from overheating. The basic role of both of these components is to cool down the CPU when you are working with your laptop for long hours. Sometimes, heat sinks protect your laptop from external conditions like atmospheric temperature as well.